Food Grade & Epoxy Flooring

Dr Crete’s food grade coatings have been engineered to have more superior qualities than other applications. What gives our coating higher durability and a more hygienic environment is a patterned 8mm glass which is seeded through the food grade epoxy (instead of sand which can harbours bacteria) The glass also provides an extremely hard-wearing none slip surface which creates a layer to isolate the contact of traffic directly onto the epoxy, which extends the life span of surfaces. It is ideal for Deli’s, freezers, and food processing areas. Epoxy has come a long way since superglue, to make it a versatile and hard wearing coating which can be custom designed to meet any standards in the commercial or industrial application.

  • Extreme resistance to Acid / Alkalies.
  • Excellent resistance to animal fat such as chicken.
  • Hard wearing for high traffic areas.
  • Very high resistance to bacteria.